001 In The Beginning Was The Alien

Comic Strip Emma and the Alien 001 In The Beginning Was The Alien

A short while ago, several planar orbits away...

A spaceship burst through a tear in the fabric of space time, and hurdles towards a small class M planet, breaking several space travel regulations along the way...

Alien: Computer!! Status Report!

Computer: Well, I am a zillion times farther than ever from my point of manufacture origin, and I just voided CPU coolant all over the floor.

Alien: Computer!~ I want a Status Report on the SHIP!

Computer: Checking, the ship has sustained extensive damage from an explosion during sub-space travel, leaving it crippled and on a crash course with an uncharted planet in sector ZZ9, system Plural Z Alpha, with a big yellow puddle of CPU coolant right in the middle of the floor.

Alien: Uhm, okay... got anything I don't already know?

Computer: There is a coolant mop and bucket in the cabinet behind your dirty underpants.

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