002 Unintelligence Gathering

Comic Strip Emma and the Alien 002 Unintelligence Gathering

Computer: Sir, The approaching planet is transmitting thousands of communications.

Alien: Pick one and put it on screen!

Commercial: and if you get in a spot of bother, give us a ring and we'll get you sorted!

Alien: Brilliant! An attractive race. Both approachable and competent.

Computer: This is only one of many.

Several viewing hours later...

Alien: Great Stars~ They're Idiots! Superstitious, galactic-rim primitives! Do you realize what this means?

With my flawless powers of observation, towering intellect, and this spaceship technology, I could conquer that planet!

Computer: You just flew across the galaxy with the parking break on and no filter in the coffee maker. This sucker is going down on impact.

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