003 Survival Checklist

Comic Strip Emma and the Alien 003 Survival Checklist

Computer: This ship will crash into a huge, deep lake. I will shoot you out the back tube at moment of impact, matching your crest to the top of the impact wave. You will have to surf it to shore or be pulled back into the undertow.

Do you have any questions?

Alien: Yeah, can I take those scented hand soaps in the lavatory?

Computer: Sir, this is serious. Have you even compiled your survival checklist from the informational broadcast?

Alien (proudly): Yep! I got it right here~

Evade the FBI- they got this weird probe thing going,
Avoid Earth's Scientist- they dissect and pickle aliens,
look out for Superheroes, Ninjas, Mobsters and The Slender Man.

If it comes down to Vampire or Zombie- go Vampire,
water melts Witches,
and if I have a problem, and no one can help,
and if I can find them, maybe, I can hire the A-Team.

So whaddiya think?

Computer: I think you might as well take those hand soaps.

Alien: Sweeet~

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