004 Splash Down

Comic Strip Emma and the Alien 004 Splash Down

Emma: I made it!

I'm one-point-seven miles North of the State Highway,

three-point-six miles South West of Old Skull Rock,

and a-hundred yards from shore on the deep side of Crater Lake.


Today qualifies for my Alone In The Wild Badge,

my 5K Hike Badge,

my Lost & Returned Badge,

my Explore Crater Lake Badge,

and sets a new personal record

for time gone from camp without permission.

Too bad they don't have a badge for that...

I'll update my GPS log, and get a few selfies,

as proof for my badges...

It doesn't get any better than that!

Alien: Auuuuuuggggghhh!

Emma: Auuuuuuggggghhh!

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