017 Arctic Dreams

Comic Strip Emma and the Alien 017 Arctic Dreams


In an effort to learn more about the planet, my companion and I have trekked into sub-zero ranges of arctic wasteland, pushing the limits of my travel expertise and testing my very survival!

Having ventured far beyond our meager rations, I have sent my faithful friend ahead to scout for resources and landmarks. But I have not heard from her in a great long while now, and I fear for her very demise!


I'm Back!

Grandma gave me some fruit strips! She says dinner's in about an hour. Grandma says she likes our igloo, she can see it from the kitchen window. But we have to go inside, it will start getting dark soon.


My scout returns with sightings of ravenous bears in the nearby area. We must relocate to the safety of a nearby structure. Once inside, I won't go back out again for anything!


and we still have to take out the trash and pick up the mail!

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