Matt Kicks Web Comics Into High Gear with Purchase of New Wacom Intuos Pro

Cartoonist Matt Gillmore with New Wacom Intuos Pro Large

Wacom Intuos the Second

Well, after ten-plus years of brainstorming, designing, rethinking, redesigning, lots of writing and a round of colored markers, I threw down the gauntlet and took all my saved pennies and bought a brand new Wacom Intuos Pro in Large.

Wacom Intous Pro Large From The Year 2016 Used For Emma And The Alien Comic Strip And More

This Wacom pad is today's version of the 12" x 9" Wacom Intuos pad I bought back in year 2000. I still have the 2000 model and it works just fine as long as you have an old-school 9-pin serial port and Windows XP. Wacom never bothered to support the serial port pad with new drivers when everything went USB.

Wacom Intous Pro Large From The Year 2000 Used For Matt And Austin Comic Strip And More

I've dug up all the old Matt and Austin flash comics, and I've started writing new story-lines for that, and I've drawn up the new look and feel for Emma and the Alien in digital. Just last night and with a couple of hours effort I've sketched up the official new panel of the first Emma and the Alien strip.

Comic Strip Emma and the Alien 001-F1

So get ready for lots of new comics, a revisit of the old favorites, and some new promotions and contests and giveaways in movies and comics. Follow ComicAndMovieCollectibles and Emma and the Alien on Facebook and ComicAndMovieCollectibles on eBay and we'll keep you informed!

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